Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit v2.0

Tools + resources for your entrepreneurial design practice

Last updated: February 5, 2023

The to-do list for architecture startups is long. There's letterhead, logos, business cards, and branding to design; systems to put in place to ensure the brand you're creating can deliver on its promises. Among all this are questions: how are new clients processed and welcomed? What will you charge? What business structure and revenue model makes the most sense?

All this before you put pen to trace.

Most new businesses cobble together systems ad hoc - on an as needed basis. What if the systems, tools, templates, and worksheets were done for you, available and at the ready when you needed them on day one?

The Architect + Entrepreneur: Startup Toolkit is the foundational resource every startup design practice needs.

Branding Tools

  • Your Brand Plan (A+E Course Excerpt: video + curated resources + Igor naming guide)
  • Branding Workbook (19 page PDF) + Business Model Canvas (PDF/JPG)
  • Branding Assets: Letterhead, Curated Links
  • Business Card Guide + Template (PDF, Images, PSD)

Organizational Tools

  • Choosing a Business Structure + Cheat Sheet (video lesson + PDF) - A+E Course excerpt
  • Revenue Model Guide (video lesson) - A+E Course excerpt
  • Business Folder Structure (.zip)
  • Profit + Hourly Rate Break Even Spreadsheet, Worksheet, + Financial Terms (.xls + PDF)
  • Project Fee Track (.xls)
  • Online Accounting Resources

Email Marketing Tools

  • Email Templates (8 page PDF) + Social Media Icon Pack - B&W (PNGs)
  • Email Capture/Marketing Resources (4 page PDF)

Process Tools + Documents

  • New Client Design Process Guide (13 page PDF)
  • New Client Prequalifying + Interview Questions – (4 page PDF)
  • Architectural Services Proposal + Links (PDF) – (6 page PDF)
  • Business + Project SOP templates
  • Zoning + Code Checklist (4 page PDF/Keynote)
  • New Client Authorization Letter (Word)
  • New Client Questionnaire (12 page PDF)
  • New Client Programming Worksheet + Room Size Guide - (4 page PDF/Excel/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Hardware + Fittings Presentation Documents (8 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Lighting Presentation Documents (9 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Material Palette Presentation Documents (7 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Plumbing Fixture Presentation Documents (8 page PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Interior Design Presentation Document Mock-up (PDF/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • New Client Welcome Checklist (Word) – 2 pages
  • Field Report Template (PDF/Word/Keynote/Powerpoint)
  • Shop Drawing Stamp (PDF, PSD)
  • General Project Information Document (Word) – 1 page
  • Meeting Notes Document (Word) – 1 pag

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Your Instructor

Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB
Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB

I'm an award-winning architect, entrepreneur and founder of 30X40 Design Workshop, a design studio located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I'm also author of the Architect + Entrepreneur book series and creator of the most popular architecture-focused YouTube channel online. I've been designing simple, modern residential architecture for more than 25 years and a practitioner of all the novel, entrepreneurial business strategies I teach in my courses.

(More about me in this short film.)

When you're choosing to invest in tools and resources for your business, to find better clients, or design a life that's more congruent with your values, you want to learn from an experienced practitioner. There’s a meaningful difference between someone who simply teaches principles and someone who has actually implemented those principles in the field, to find clients and generate passive income. I know what works and what doesn’t because I've done it. Learning from my mistakes will put you ahead of your competition.

Need more proof? Check out my work here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course?
The toolkit is a collection of curated resources used to run 30X40 Design Workshop (templates, workbooks, documents, SOPs, etc.) I've refined them over the 7 years I've been in business and made them available to you so you can get started on the right foot with current best practices. You'll download them, customize them to suit your needs and use them to help build + operate your design practice. Although it's not a course, I offer them via my course platform Teachable because it's easy to keep everything current. I've also included a few sample lessons from the Architect + Entrepreneur Course as a bonus to help you get started.
How long do I have access to the tools?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to these resources for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I have a design practice already, is this for me?
There's a good chance, but you might also look into the A+E Course I offer. If your practice isn't attracting the kinds of clients you want or you're not earning what you think you're worth, the information here can help make the change you're seeking. If you're seeking in-depth guidance, tutorials and detailed instructions related to your design practice, check out the The Architect + Entrepreneur Course.
I don't have a design business yet, is this for me?
Yes! Planning to start a business is an ideal time to download these assets. Starting out with a proven set of documents and templates will give you a head start and ensure you're creating your business on a solid foundation of industry best practices.
If I purchase the toolkit, can I upgrade to the A+E Course?
Yes. In fact, after you purchase, you'll receive a one-time discounted offer to upgrade right away. If you choose not to upgrade right away, the discount disappears, but you'll still be able to purchase the course at the regular price when you're ready.
How will I receive the assets?
You'll receive immediate access to download all the files upon purchase. Some sections include videos, these can be viewed inside the player window.
How do you handle refunds?
I know you're going to find massive value in these tools and resources, I've built my brand on offering quality resources. Because the toolkit contains dozens of digital goods that you'll have access to immediately upon enrolling, it's my policy to not offer refunds. If you have any questions about what's included or if it's a good fit for you, please reach out to [email protected] before you purchase; I'll gladly answer your questions.
Are the contents of the toolkit US/North America focused?
The startup toolkit is designed to help you build a sustainable creative practice no matter where you live. Because my practice is based in the US, I don’t know specifically how other international practice standards might differ or interface with what's on offer. The section on business structures addresses taxes and takes special care to note potential differences between where I practice in the US and where further localized research will be necessary on your part living outside the US. What I suggest is to review the list of documents in the toolkit and assess how likely each is to include something country-specific. I think once you do this you’ll find it’s quite small.
I'm a...( Student, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer, Draftsperson ) the toolkit right for me?
Ultimately, you’re the best person to judge whether you can adapt the contents of the toolkit to what it is you’re hoping to do. There are Students, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers + Draftspeople and allied design trades who have all chosen to purchase and implement these tools in their workflow and businesses. The best place to evaluate whether it's a good fit is to watch the unboxing video above.

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What others are saying...

"I wanted to thank you for making the Startup Kit available. I have had my company for 5 years and have been looking to analyze and straighten up my process since we grew so fast. This is just the thing I needed." - Andrew G

"Just wanted to give you a big thanks for putting this content together! I plan on utilizing these tools to help start up my own business and youtube channel. Thanks again, Eric!" - Henry W.

"Just purchased your Architect+Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit as I am fully enveloped in taking my Drafting & Design business to new heights. Have recently utilized the client proposal template to update my dated one, very comprehensive, well thought out, a lot in line with what I like to provide, thank you for the most valuable resource in the toolkit." - Peter J.K.

"I'm transitioning out of the huge corporate world and into a smaller (and hopefully more sane) practice of my own and have found this to be helpful, interesting and inspirational." - Ben P.

"All of your content is shaping the way I practice, what a great investment this is. Keep making things, you are inspiring many people and I am one of them." - John A.

"Thank you so much Eric for giving value so generously." - Yianni T.

"I purchased the startup toolkit and I'm listening to your book on audible too. I just wanted to make it clear that as someone 5-7 years behind you on a very similar path, you're helping me immensely. You're increasing my confidence and some of the materials are totally transformative. You're essentially making mentorship scalable. Just wanted to say thanks!" - Nick B.

"I am an architect in Scotland and have set up my own practice earlier this year after many years working for others. I just wanted to say thank you for your templates and videos - these have been a great source of inspiration and practicality that have helped me make the jump." - Alastair F.

"I simply want to express how much I appreciate your educational materials and course. Very excited about completing and implementing the toolkit and course work, and will be happy to share some of my success with you as it comes. My latest is I just landed my first ground up waterfront home project in Maryland...very exciting!" - Will A.