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“I currently have some jobs on the books and I am really regretting taking them on.”

So many design professionals onboard demanding clients who expect exceptional service for discount fees turning their agenda into your task list.

It’s the clients who say:

  • "I don’t need full services, I’ve already drawn the plans, I just need help tuning them up."
  • "How soon can you get this done?"
  • "How much will it cost me?"
  • "I have a tight budget, I want to be sure I’m putting all I can toward the build and not design fees."

Sound familiar?

You're not alone. Most design professionals have, reluctantly nodding along while screaming inside, "This isn't what I signed up for!"

I've been on that hamster wheel too.

Chasing more work, more clients, more projects, mistaking red flags as just “part of the job.”

I was a licensed architect, saying "Yes" to clients unprepared to hire an architect for full services. This left me with a portfolio of work that looked nothing like what I actually wanted.

I felt like I had to say “yes” to everything, just to provide for my family and keep the business operational.

I thought discounting my services was the only way to get clients to hire me.

Looking back, I now realize what a rookie move that was. I was actually signaling to these clients that I was an amateur… and they took advantage of all I was willing to trade for nothing in return.

If that sounds like you, you’re probably working 24/7, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering:

99.9% of the clients I attract and work with are primarily concerned with how much I charge, how can I eliminate this type of client?

Most of my competitors are less qualified than and less experienced than me, so how do I attract the right client?

How do I attract clients who want to utilize my design abilities to create something magical?

There is good news.

There are better clients out there and finding them has nothing to do with luck.

There are clients that will pay for and value your services no matter what you charge.

You probably have an entire bookshelf filled with books and magazines showing projects done by other design professionals. Projects that look amazing. Projects you'd be proud to have in your portfolio.

These projects and clients won’t just wander into your studio – they come as the result of intentional, strategic actions.

You don’t have to work in your business 24/7 to get them.

And if you’re working with the wrong clients or struggling to find new projects…your biggest problem isn't what you think it might be. It's probably that you don't know your ideal clients well enough, yet.

So, here’s where to start:

How to Find New + Better Clients (Watch the unboxing video)

Discover how to attract clients who respect your expertise and don’t negotiate every last dollar.

What you’ll learn at a glance:

All entrepreneurs have a dream of working with the perfect client.

The one who will change everything. But what is an ideal client? And how can you find them? You’ll find strategies and answers in this course.

Marketing is one of the crucial missing pieces in a designer's education.

This course fills that gap, giving you the insights and tools to help you articulate your unique value and stand out from your competitors.

Strive for profitability from Day 1

You’ll learn how to think like a business owner and remove the tasks that aren’t billable. No more taking cold calls or drop in visits from unqualified leads.

Build systems that work for you.

Productivity isn't just about saving time; it's about using the time you have efficiently. Learn how to develop systems to attract and vet clients, ensuring you work only with those who respect your expertise.

✔ How to handle objections when talking to potential clients

✔ How to leverage AI in your business to save time + innovate

✔ How to build an email list that bring new leads to you

✔ How to design an automated onboarding sequence that positions you as an expert in your field

✔ This course is everything we’re not taught in design school about how to finding new (+ better clients)

What most design pros don’t get

1. You don’t need MORE clients, you need better clients.

I used to think that I had to become the best architect in my area, but being the best doesn't automatically attract better clients. I learned this the hard way.

It’s not what they teach us in design school, is it?

"Get better at your craft," they say, "and the clients will come."

Sure, referrals come in. But it’s the same type of client, the same type of project and that’s because you’re “popular” in a limited network. Being known as the local expert in low-cost renovations is just doing business on “hard-mode.” I know, because I’ve done that.

2. “I’m going to work with everyone”

When you want to serve everyone, your marketing looks something like this:

Your portfolio talks to Person A, Person B and Person C, and your Instagram talks to Person A sometimes and Person B sometimes, and your email newsletter switches between Person A, B and C.

Your efforts are split and your messaging is diluted. You don’t have the time to be an expert in any one thing, so you play in the middle: just an average, generalist, fighting to keep up.

Exhausting, right?

3. Being a good order taker doesn’t attract better clients.

We’re taught that design professionals should defer and deliver. Make the client happy to earn their trust and a future referral (to more of their friends just like them). When the client says “Design it like this”. You do it. Project after project watered down during construction by clients who eschewing your design ideas in favor of cheaper alternatives. The finished product looks nothing like you wanted, much less something you could put in your portfolio. On and on until you burn out or give up.

But let’s be real – is this why you spent sleepless nights in the studio making models and crafting drawings?

To be your client’s puppet?

No thanks.

You have to sort through the bad to get to the good

I've been a licensed architect since 2001 and I've had the privilege of working at firms from 3 to 150 plus. I've been running my own studio for more than 10 years now.

And in that time, I've had the privilege of working with some amazing clients. I've also had the experience of working with some less-than-amazing, challenging and not-so-ideal clients.

This is a natural evolution of practice. It's almost impossible not to practice on your own and work with some bad-fit clients.

But I promise you the good clients are out there. You can get rid of the tire-kickers. I’ll show you how in this new course.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Course Curriculum

Imagine saying No to clients who shop on price…

How much time you’d save by NOT going back-and-forth, negotiating over every last dollar?

Imagine waking up to Monday mornings without the stress of working with clients who drain you of energy and ask for free work from Day 1?

Imagine no longer losing sleep over where your next client is going to come from or what level of crazy your next project is going to be…?

Picture a task list focused only on the things you want to be doing with systems in place to attract new clients and triage them while you sleep - systems that take the tedium out of your daily routine.

No more trading time for nothing at all in return.

When you implement the lessons in “Finding New + Better Clients”, you'll stop giving away free work. And you’ll learn why what you’re doing now is simply training bad clients to hire you. No more free meetings, free site visits, free design ideas, free budgeting advice, and free phone calls.

You won’t have to say YES to the wrong clients, discount your services OR offer free work.

And you can get started making better decisions and working with better clients right now.

Meet Your Instructor

In the first year on my own, I doubled my income from my previous job.

In the ten years since, I've built a profitable business and scaled it far beyond the limits of trading my time for dollars.

I have a work schedule that balances my professional pursuits with my family life.

I choose which projects, clients and commissions I want to work on.

I’m free to experiment, to set the course for my business, to pivot when things aren’t working, and to double down on successes.

Your Instructor

Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB
Eric Reinholdt, RA, NCARB

Hi, I'm Eric, an award-winning architect, entrepreneur and founder of 30X40 Design Workshop, a design studio located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I'm also author of the Architect + Entrepreneur book series and creator of the most popular architecture-focused YouTube channel online. I've been designing simple, modern residential architecture for more than 27 years and a practitioner of all the novel, entrepreneurial business strategies I teach in my courses.

Here are some examples of my work:

Everything changes when you are clear about the kinds of clients you want to work with

Stop 'auditioning' for potential clients.

Sometimes presenting to a potential client can feel like an audition. I’ll teach you how to flip the script. You’re looking for the right clients, not just another project to pay your bills.

✔ You handle customer objections with authority and clarity

✔ You stop giving away design advice and expertise for free

✔ You don’t waste time on cold calls or drop-in visits from unqualified leads

You price your design services for profitability
Your rate needs to encompass all of the taxes, fees, and costs associated with keeping your business operational and everything you think it will take to deliver the job on time.

✔ Measuring profitability in your business will help you to properly allocate time and learn which projects to say “no” to in the future.

✔ You are aware of the benefits and liabilities of the three most common ways to price design services.

✔ You feel confident about your pricing model because you know exactly what kind of value and expertise you bring to the table.

The right clients come to you

When you are clear about who you want to work with, you’ll find it much easier to stand out, resonate and attract them to your business. And because your marketing and branding are focused only on what your ideal client needs and wants from a design professional, your content attracts only the right people.

✔ Your website + marketing materials answer the following questions for the client: Is there a fit? Can you do this? Are you capable? Have you done it before? Who have you done this for before? What's your specific point of view?

Clients know they can trust you

Once you have a client, having a streamlined process in place for taking the next steps will give them the confidence they hired the right professional. And having something like a client onboarding process is a signal to your client that you’re a professional they can trust. It sets expectations and effectively communicates a schedule they can rely on as you begin the project.

You work smarter, not harder

Imagine no longer wasting time in email threads that go on forever, or being on consultation calls that go nowhere. And you meet the client on a job site ONLY after they’ve passed your automated pre-screening process and you’ve determined the project goals, aesthetics, budget and program are reasonably aligned.

✔ You leverage AI tools in your marketing and branding

✔ You have systems to attract and vet clients, ensuring you work only with those who respect your expertise

✔ You have an automated onboarding sequence that nurtures, educates and shows clients you’re a professional deserving of your fees

Competing on price is a race to the bottom.

Many design professionals try to compete on price. This isn’t a long-term sustainable strategy. When your Unique Selling Proposition is “cheap” you’ll continue to attract clients who shop on price. Clients who shop on price care about only one thing.

You have a portfolio you can be proud of

Your portfolio is your narrative. It allows you to convey your vision and show potential clients what you can do. Unfortunately, many design pros build a portfolio of work they’re not proud of simply because they’re working with the wrong people. Everything changes when you work with the right people. Great people bring great projects.

I promise you the good clients are out there.That's why I created this new course: to help you shortcut the process of finding NEW clients and to limit the number of bad fit clients that you bring onto your roster.

Here's what others are saying...

“I hope this email finds you well. I am a newcomer to your resources and guides, having signed up for the "How to Find New (+Better) Design Clients" course and I am absolutely loving it. I want to expand the collection and purchase both the "Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit" and "Autocad Template Bundle". Just wanted to say, thank you!”

- Robert. Architect

“Having already started diving into the course, it is very clear that this online course is miles ahead of so many other resources out there. Your organization and presentation skills are pretty spectacular. Thanks for setting a high standard and then for sharing your work in a way that we can all add increased value to the design and build industry. This is going to transform my business in 2024!”

- Stefani. Interior Designer. Business Owner.

"I’m loving the course, it’s amazing; thank you for everything. You didn’t have to make it so valuable but you did and that speaks volumes. A wonderfully comprehensive survey of a solo-designer/ entrepreneur's successful ecosystem of systems."

- James. Architect. Entrepreneur.

"I wanted to thank you for all that you do. As an architect, sole practitioner, and lecturer at the university level, countless times have I resorted to your methods and recommendations, to forward my pursuits, and those of students."

- Alicja. Architect. Professor.

"For someone who can relate to the isolation of sole proprietorship, it's a blessing and a joy to welcome you into my own studio, and it's an honor to learn from someone such as yourself. The detail, the topics, and the content, such a beautiful composition of life, work, and play. Thank you for making things, and making them well."

- Will. Architect.

“I wanted to send a short email telling you that the ‘Your Business (Revenue) Model’ subsection alone has been worth the cost of the course. My brain is so packed with information, and you've helped get the creative juices flowing on product and service ideas. I am so excited! You really did not hold back on sharing all your valuable knowledge, experience, and resources.

- Calvin. Architect.

“I have both the Startup Toolkit and the A+E Course and they are beyond great and just what I needed. I wish I had them when I first started my business… I could have avoided so many pitfalls. Thanks for creating such quality materials. Keep up the good work."

- Fariba. Desinger.

"I love how you’ve created a kit for people like us that are in the process of starting from square one. Your branding is stellar and the message is delivered smoothly."

- Chris. Designer.

Take my money Eric! I just signed up for your Better Clients course and the timing could not have been better. Literally 3 days ago signed up an epic project collaborating with a larger firm to function as the local 'boots on the ground' Architect on a ~11k sf/$14mil build here in CA. Couldn't ask for a better portfolio piece out of the gates. Having used your Billing Calculations template I picked up over the holidays, I've got some healthy runway for the business and will immediately be using this new course as a framework to tighten up my leads filter. Thanks for all you do and all you share. In my opinion, next to Jonathan Segal, you're the pinnacle of how a modern Architects should be operating these days. If you're ever looking for any testimonials/reviews, interviews, collaborations, etc. support beyond simply buying your products, I'd be happy to discuss."

- Jeff. Owner. Architect. Principal.

“I don't have enough work in my portfolio to target the clients I actually want, and when I do get my ideal client, I can't charge what I’d like."

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

So many of the design professionals I speak with hold this limiting belief. Regardless of where you are in your business, whether you’re just discovering entrepreneurship or have been at it for years, your primary job as a business owner is finding clients. But not all clients are alike. And everything changes when you say “Yes” to the right people, and “No, thank you” to the wrong ones.

Every business is unique which is why I included a couple of case studies to walk you through the process of finding the right client.

Are you trying to build a business on a limited portfolio? If so, you’ll find Tania’s story insightful as she tackles the challenges of starting a new business including how posting on social media feels like a complete waste of time. You'll also hear her articulate a common problem many design professionals are facing: the need to perfect something before it's ever released. If you take any lesson from this, it should be to resist letting perfect be the enemy of the good!

As I speak with Sarah we discuss at length what clients actually want vs. the things we design professionals are trying to sell them. I walk her through the classic, "Sell them what they want, give them what they need." You’ll also learn how to uncover the precise problems you can solve for your clients.

Paige has a lot of ideas for her new architecture practice, but she doesn’t know where to start.

In this conversation, I coach her through the basic calculations every new business owner must know, we talk options and opportunities, clients, fees, and how to best position her business to capture value in the marketplace. As you'll see, this conversation touches on the issues we face every day as design professionals in practice...topics they don't teach us in school!

Here’s a reminder of what’s included with How to Find New + Better Clients

  • Lifetime access to all the course content, SOPs and templates
  • A step-by-step roadmap to build your Marketing and Client Acquisition Processes
  • Techniques to position and communicate your unique value proposition effectively
  • See behind-the-scenes of a profitable design business
  • Get pre-formatted Documents, Checklists, + Templates help you to get started quickly
  • Marketing + Client Handbooks (curated + custom-designed) for you to reference as you build your systems
  • Fully customizable Investment Guide (40 pages), Welcome Guide (22 pages) + email templates you can implement right away
  • Case studies show examples you can replicate
  • Financial spreadsheets ensure you're profitable from Day One
  • Business fundamentals to teach you how to find and sign the right clients
  • A guide on how to do social media with confidence as a design professional

… And so much more.

You’re the expert, take the lead and design a business that truly serves your creative needs, supports your financial goals, and gives you the freedom to do what you love every day.

Total Value: $749

Price: $497

Don’t you deserve to work with clients who appreciate the value you bring to them?

You don't have to settle…

for clients who underpay, for projects that don’t inspire you…

You want to work with better clients, have more design autonomy, and the freedom to work on exciting projects that feed your creative intellect.

My course, resources and templates are designed to save you time and provide a clear roadmap to follow, as you build and scale your business.

I provide the systems, templates, and the step-by-step instruction guide to help you find better clients.

Plus, video lessons break down the journey into actionable tasks + include additional contextual resources for further study, and content is updated regularly so you're always up-to-date (and this beautiful 40-page investment guide template for you to customize + an example).

Take the first step today.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a...( Student, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer, Draftsperson ) this course good for me?
If you need new + better clients the process is similar for all design professionals. I’ll teach you the fundamentals and you’ll use your specialized knowledge and expertise to fill in any gaps. Thousands of design professionals have enrolled in my courses and benefitted from my expertise gathered from over 27 years as a practicing architect, running my own business 30X40 Design Workshop, and building an audience of over 1M followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. There are no other design professionals experimenting, practicing and teaching what they’ve learned anywhere online.

Having said all that, the absolute best place to evaluate whether it's a good fit is to watch the unboxing video on this page.
Will this course work for me if I’m just starting out?
Yes, unequivocally. If I could go back again and shortcut the process by learning from the mistakes of those before me, I 100% would. This is the course I wish I had when I started my business, 30X40 Design Workshop. Starting with a set of proven techniques and templates saves time, effort and all the bad-client headaches.
I’ve been in business for a while, will this course still help me?
There’s a reason you’re reading this. Maybe you don’t have the right clients, maybe your fees aren’t what you want, maybe your portfolio is full of unsatisfying low-budget projects. Whatever the reason, you want to make a change. To make a change, you have to do different things. This course can be the catalyst for that change and it’s taught by a professional who’s made all the same mistakes you have. When I refused to accept bad clients into my practice all the things I was doing to lure them in had to change too. If this is you, this course will open your eyes to the change you need to make.
How is this course different from the A+E course?
This course is laser-focused on finding new and better clients. It has new video lessons and content, new workbooks, automations, email templates and never-before-published systems I use to secure clients from my practice. The A+E Course is focused on building a holistic, entrepreneurial practice and includes branding, operations, and passive income practices not covered here. For the full course description and to see everything that’s included watch the unboxing video on this page.
Are the contents of this course US/North America focused?
No. The resources in this course are designed to help you find new + better clients no matter where you live. I live on a remote island in the North Atlantic and I’ve built a practice that relies on online tools + marketing methodologies that you can leverage no matter where you live in the world.

However, because my practice is based in the US, I can’t say specifically how my practice standards might differ or interface with yours. I’ve tried my best to make it as inclusive as I possibly can, teaching principles and strategies.
Is there a refund policy?
As the course and assets are digital and delivered immediately upon enrollment, I have no way of recovering them and thus I’m not able to offer refunds. If you have any questions as to what’s included, please reach out to [email protected] before enrolling and I can answer any questions you may have.
Will this help me find better clients?
If you do the work and implement the systems shown, you will find new and better clients. But, we have to be honest with ourselves. If your portfolio consists only of small additions and bathroom remodels, this course isn't going to guarantee you secure that $8MM new residential project next week. When you learn what you're doing that attracting the wrong clients, you can stop doing those things and make room for the better clients and better projects. You need the systems and assets in place to show those better clients that you're prepared to serve them. Without them, you'll never close the sale. Practice is an evolution and an accretion. Better clients bring better projects and when you find them it's a virtuous cycle. You now have access to their friends and networks. Making a change requires doing different things. This is the first step on that journey to new and better clients. It's a system that works if you put in the work.
Does the course include any templates (for example, the Startup Toolkit or Outline Specification Template)?
It does include many templates: the Investment Guide (40 pages) + Welcome Guide (22 pages) are two of the major assets in the course, others are listed above. This course DOES NOT include the Startup Toolkit or Outline Specification templates, those are separate, stand-alone products.
Terms of Use
All course assets are intended for unlimited use by a single person (the Purchaser). The Purchaser cannot resell, duplicate, share, copy, distribute, or offer the Agreement to any third party or marketplace without express written consent from 30X40 Design Workshop, LLC. 30X40 Design Workshop, LLC retains title and ownership of all items included in the course, including - but not limited to: videos, PDFs, Keynote Templates, images, and copy) and reserves the right to pursue legal action against violators of the terms of use.

What your client really wants?

It's not what you think…

Determining exactly what your clients want and how to speak to them isn’t easy, but it’s essential to the long term success of your business and your personal happiness. So, if you want better clients, people who respect your expertise, and don’t negotiate over every dollar, this new course teaches you the HOW.